Thames Medical Lectures  
Thames Medical Lectures is a unique organisation delivering high quality, individually tailored, training courses to the medical profession.

The team, led by Professor Ursula James, consists of medical practitioners as well as specialists in medical education.


Ursula James
Visiting Professor of Clinical Hypnosis, Robert Gordon University

Professor James is a visiting teaching fellow at Oxford University Medical School and a patron of Anxiety UK and the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV). She is also a Founder Member of the Academy of Medical Educators.

The organisation, Thames Medical Lectures, was created by Ursula and she lectures or has lectured at most of the UK's medical schools, including Oxford and Cambridge. Ursula wrote the first textbook for medical practitioners in clinical hypnosis (now in its third edition), and has helped 1000s of people overcome phobias, get rid of unwanted habits, and optimise their performance through her unique fusion of hypnosis and coaching.


If you require further information on current courses, please email:

Courses run or have run at all the universities and hospitals shown here. Courses can be tailored to suit the timeframe and evaluation processes for any medical school. If you are interested in our courses, or have further enquiries, please email:
Queen Mary's Hospital Medical School
University of Nottingham
Imperial College, University of London
Oxford University
University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Hull York Medical School
University of Cambridge
University of Leeds
University College London
St George's Hospital Medical School
University of Glasgow